Organization/Shared Accounts: Setting up a Shared Mailbox

Shared/Organization Accounts with a Shared Mailbox or Room Resource / Scheduling Account are not opened with a username and password. Rather, each mailbox has an associated group used for managing access to the mailbox. Instructions for opening a shared or resource mailbox on various platforms can be found in the following articles:

Owners of the mailbox group may add or remove members by searching for the group at You can find instructions on this process by visiting the Managing your Distribution List (DL) or Security Group at article. 

If you would like to change the name, email alias, group owner (who can modify shared mailbox permissions), or Point of Contact for the account, please complete the Organization Accounts Service Catalog form by clicking "Request Service", then select the option to "Modify Existing Account". Account modifications must by approved by the account's current Point of Contact or the associated department's Dean/Director.

For more information on Organization Account policies, please see here.


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