Shared/Organization Accounts

OU IT provides Shared/Organization Accounts to eligible OU users for specified use.

Shared/Organization Accounts are available for use by university departments and student organizations. These accounts primarily take the form of a Shared Mailbox or Room Resource / Scheduling Account, with very few exceptions.

•  Shared Mailbox – These mailboxes can be accessed by designated users (any individual with an OU/OUHSC account can be given permission).

•  Room Resource / Scheduling Account – These accounts primarily function as a calendar account that users can set as locations in Outlook calendar events. The calendar can be configured to accept/decline meeting invites automatically (if the date/time is available, the calendar will accept the booking request) or have invites be moderated by one or more designated users who will accept/decline manually.

•  Shared Account (Other) – A limited number of shared accounts have login credentials for specified purposes. These accounts are subject to OU IT approval. The password for these accounts must be changed every 30 days.


OU IT provides this service for FREE to all Norman campus faculty, staff, and students.


Shared/Organization Accounts may be created for departments or student organizations if sponsored by two full-time employees.


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