Adding a Shared Mailbox to the Outlook Desktop Client – Windows

If you would like to add your Shared Mailbox to your OutlookDesktop Client for Windows PC, please follow these steps:

  1. From your Inbox, Navigate to the “File” Tab in the upper left hand corner of the application.
  2. Under the area “Account Information” select “Account Settings”. This should drop down several options. Select the option titled “Account Settings…”
  3. A new Window will pop up. From here, you can see any email accounts signed into your Outlook Client. Double click on your email address.
  4. Another window will appear. Here, select “More Settings”
  5. A smaller window will open up. In this window, select “Advanced”
  6. Under the Advanced Tab, there will be a section titled “Mailboxes”. On the right-hand side of this section, select “Add”.
  7. One final window will pop up. Type in the email address of the other mailbox you are trying to open. Once typed in, select “Okay”. Make sure you also select “Apply” in the Advanced Tab. The Mailbox should now be located with any other folders you have in the Outlook Client.

Screenshot of Outlook application pointing to shared mailbox location

Additional Information on this process may be found here.

If you wish to configure an Automatic Reply for your Shared Mailbox, please see this article.


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