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​​​​​​Information Technology provides a service that warehouses standardized computers along with the necessary accessories that comprise a productive workstation for our faculty and staff.  The advantages of having this service include:

  1. Delivery to your IT representative within 2 working days or less.
  2. The device is pre-installed with the University’s approved productivity and security applications.

Please consult with your department's designated IT support contact before placing any orders.  They are familiar with our current standards, the ordering process, your specific departmental needs, and your current computer.


-------------------  All sales are FINAL. Please order only what you need. -----------------

If you are not familiar with the current standard computers, look at these links that provide detailed specifications and pricing.

Once you determine the computer and accessories required, click the top blue box to the right called “Order Form”.  

  1. You do not need to know the chart field/account to initiate the transaction; however, you will need to enter your departmental PeopleSoft Requester to complete the order.  
  2. Your financial staff will have 7 days to process this order with a chart field and complete approval before it is canceled.

*** We prefer to deliver your order directly to your computer support person for further setup and deployment.  Please have your order delivered to them if possible.***

------- Quick Facts --------

  • One model per order

  • The model you choose will dictate the accessories available. 

  • You must refresh the page if you need to change the model type during the order.

  • The ratio of computer: Display is 1:2

  • The ratio of computer: Keyboard/Stand/Dock is 1:1

  • The maximum order from the warehouse is 10 computers

  • If you need 10+ then please use the OU Marketplace to transact your order.

  • If you order a hub or video conference display, you do NOT need a dock for a laptop.



  • Billing will appear on your monthly statement from Service Unit Accounting.
  • Included Fees: Imaging, Delivery, Asset Management, End of Life Disposal.


Available to Faculty and Staff at all campus locations.

We are happy to increase our stock should you foresee a larger order.


  • Assists departments system-wide with a faster turn-around on orders.
  • Assists with campus policies and reporting requirements.
  • Documenting all non-standard requests and evaluating each one on a case-by-case basis, the University can periodically adjust the standard offerings to meet the computing needs of all faculty and staff.

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