Summary Article on How to Order A New Standard Computer

If you HAVE ordered a computer from the IT Standard Computer Warehouse before you can start the

Standard Computer Order Form

This same service request form is also found in the main IT Service Catalog under Device Management and Support then choose "Device Purchases".  


The Endpoint Lifecycle Management Team (ELM) component of the IT Endpoint and Asset Management and Device Support (EAMDS) Program provides standard computers to the University. 

EAMDS is a comprehensive initiative to provide the University with a managed computer fleet.  There are several components to the program, but by ordering a computer through the IT Warehouse, the end user will receive a freshly imaged computer with all the productivity and security tools every University employee needs.  You may have to install some applications specific for your role at the University, but other than that, the computer is productivity ready.  


If you HAVE NOT ordered a Standard Computer from the IT Warehouse, you are encouraged to read some of the articles before ordering the first time.  It will familiarize you with the program and how to proceed with taking advantage of its features.  

How Do I Order a Computer

Why Standardization and Policy

Rules regarding the IT Standard Computer Warehouse

Current Standard Laptops 

Current Standard Desktops

Current Displays and Accessories  

Standard Computer Price List

How do I get a computer that is NOT a Standard?

Computer Standardization FAQ's

Standard Computer Historical Data

Business Class vs. Consumer Class Computers

If you need assistance or have questions remaining, please submit a request for someone to get back with you ASAP.  

General IT Assistance

University policy requires computers to be set up by on-site Information Technology support staff who will ensure the computer is in compliance with current university policies.  IT tries to deliver computers directly to the departmental support representative, but in the event you have a new computer and don't know how to proceed, you will need to contact your support person with this link.

Assistance with New Computer Setup


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