How do I order a Standard Computer?

With either method below you MUST know the email of your "PeopleSoft Requestor".  This person knows the specific departmental chart field spreads (cfs) and is authorized by the University to initiate monetary transactions.  Please consult with your departmental business or dean's office if you don't know who this person is.  This person will get an email asking them for a chart field spread or to validate one after initial submission.

The University of Oklahoma has two methods for procuring computer equipment.   

1.  IT Standard Computer Ordering Page
2.  OU Marketplace

Your first and most efficient option is to transact an order via the Standardized Computer Ordering page.  The computers stocked in the IT Warehouse are the same models and prices you find on the Markeplace punchout option from above.  However, by choosing this method, IT can image, deliver to your support person, and have all the University's productivity, security tools installed thus providing a "managed" computer within 2 days if not sooner.  Note: All orders are vetted through the same layers of approvals as any other University purchase. 

Here are the simplified steps:

1.  Consult with you department's designated IT support contact before placing orders.  They are the experts and are a valuable resource to your department.
2.  Once you decide on your needs click the link included in #1 above.  
3.  Refer to the links listed on the Standard Computer Request for more information on the products offered if needed and the Quick Facts. (link to KB3107)
4.  Click the blue "Order Form" link on the upper right of the page.
5.  Choose the model and quantity needed and add displays and accessories as needed.
6.  Click the red "What's my total?" to ensure proper calculation of you items.  When it turns into a green "What's my total" you may proceed.
7.  Choose your campus and add the email of the your Marketplace Cart Assignee/PeopleSoft Requestor. Click the "Press to Validate Requestor".  When it turns green you may proceed.
8.  You do not need to know who the ultimate user(s) is, however this information follows the order for reference purposes.
9.  You do not need to know the cfs for the order, but if you do know it, you can choose "Yes" and add it at the bottom.
10.  If you know your IT Point of Contact*, say yes and add them in the next couple of fields.   We work with this team closely on deliveries and any subsequent issues.
11.  We ask that provide building, room number, and phone for the delivery location.
12.  Lastly, there is an "Additional Information" field.  That is for your reference purposes or if you want to include any information about the order we should know.

Your second option to order a standard computer is from within the OU Marketplace.  Dell provides the Dell standards and CDWG currently supplies Apple products.  This resource is the historically where most people are used purchasing computers and it remains a valid option.  However, this method can create delays in getting your computer in a timely manner.  Mostly due to production and shipping constraints.  

The Marketplace remains the best resource for shopping and purchasing non-standard computers along with any displays and accessories.  




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