Organizational Accounts

OU IT provides OUNet accounts to all students and faculty/staff. Accounts can be created for individuals or groups of individuals.

Organizational Accounts are made for groups where an account for a single person would not be sufficient. They can be used for web space, e-mail, and calendar services.


OU IT provides this service for FREE to all Norman campus faculty, staff, and students.


Organizational accounts may be created for groups, if authorized by a full-time OU faculty/staff member.


OU IT provides OUNet Accounts to all students and faculty/staff.

Organizational Accounts are created for groups where an individual user account would not be sufficient. User accounts may include web space, e-mail, and calendar services.

Organization accounts require annual renewal and must be sponsored by two current full-time faculty/staff members. Please note that it may take 5-7 days to process a request for (creation and) renewal.

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