Computer Standardization Program and Policy

Why Computer Standardization?

Standardizing computers allows the University to maximize the combined purchasing power of three campuses in negotiating the lowest possible rates on computers selected to meet the majority of user needs. Our approved standard computers will save departments from 14% to 51% off academic pricing on a Windows computer and 4-6% on an Apple computer.


The computer standardization program is only one component of the Endpoint Asset Management and Device Support (EAMDS) initiative.  

EAMDS is a Regents led initiative that allows for adherence to OU compliance via security tools, policies and asset tracking which will greatly reduce the University’s risk profile and build economies of scale to lower costs and introduce centralized endpoint management and reporting to the OU System.

This allows for:

  • Asset Management of all endpoints in the OU system
  • Centralized Desktop support for process consistency
  • Defined Endpoint Lifecycles to reduce TCO and improve budgeting
  • Asset disposal according to University policy.

There is a $50/computer fee to help support this system wide program.  


This program doesn’t simply present a list of approved computer models, it enables OU to standardize (and thus reduce the cost of) business, departmental, and IT processes like:

  • Shopping for computers
  • IT procurement
  • Configuration and delivery
  • Asset management
  • Cost and regulatory reporting
  • Lifecycle planning
  • Hardware break/fix
  • Endpoint security
  • Budget planning


Manufacturers offer both consumer grade computers, which are made with cheaper parts and intended for occasional home use, and business grade computers, which are made with brand name parts and designed for the heavy, daily usage required by an enterprise the size of OU. All of our standards are business grade machines – negotiated at competitive prices – that offer reliability and supportability our faculty and staff can depend on.


By selecting a limited number of consumer grade machines, IT can conduct Q&A to ensure that faculty and staff computers are compatible with OU’s network, enterprise software, and other technology services.


Standardization simplifies the setup of computers, allowing IT to deliver computers configured with requested software, best practice configurations, and with only the resources needed by OU faculty and staff (no unnecessary vendor software).

When you do run into an issue with your machine, IT will be able to support your issue more efficiently thanks to training and familiarity with specific devices, as well as streamlined processes for warranty repairs. Should you run into an issue, we can help you get back up and running quickly.

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