I’m New to OUHSC

Activate account

After receiving your OUHSC ID and Password you must activate your account and set a new password. Please proceed to the OUHSC Account Activation Page. After verifying your credentials you will be asked to enter a recovery email address, this must not be another OU or OUHSC email address, before setting your new password.


Setup PingID

PingID is the exclusive Multi-Factor Authentication method for the OUHSC campus. Every user - faculty, staff, student, and affiliate - is required to utilize PingID to manage their HSC account. In addition to account management, PingID is required to access system level services including VPN, VDI, and People Soft-Self Service. Please note, these are not the only systems behind PingID as OU IT, in coordination with the University, reserves the right to add PingID to additional applications.


Accessing HSC Email

OUHSC email is in the cloud! To access your OUHSC email, please go to https://outlook.office.com and login with your HSC email address and account password. Please note that if you already have an Outlook account, you’ll need to either use a different browser or open an Incognito or Private window. 


Access OUHSC Provided Microsoft Office Programs

After setting up a password and enrolling in PingID, you will be able to access Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.) provided by the University at https://portal.office.com Sign in with your HSC email address and your HSC password. You can also download Office by clicking the “Install Office” button in the top-right and choosing “Office 365 apps.” Please note that once you leave the University, access to Office.com (and the installed Office applications) will no longer work since they’re tied to your OU account. 

Office.com Install Office button with menu download option displayed 


Desire to Learn (D2L)

The Brightspace by D2L portal provides access to OUHSC course and organization sites. The use of course or organization sites is optional so students should check with their instructors and college student leaders for more information on available sites. If a user needs assistance with D2L, they can submit a help request through the online help form.


MyDesk (VDI) Student Solution

VDI delivers a clean desktop with secure, encrypted access to OUHSC network services. VDI does not duplicate your personal computer, rather it provides a secure virtual desktop to access OU systems and services.

MyDesk (VDI) Student Solution: 

MyDesk (VDI) Faculty/Staff Solution: 




As part of University policy, all faculty, staff and students will be assigned required safety and security training that they must complete. 


Additionally, the Cybersecurity Training, Education, & Awareness (TEA) program is available for all OU employees and students. TEA engages users to focus attention on security best practices and to help end users understand human hacking, security risks, policies, compliance, mitigation strategies, and data protection. Look for emails from OU IT about these training opportunities and resources partnered through KnowBe4. Additional information on the Human Firewall Program can be found here.


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