Standard Computer Warehouse Order Form Rules

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The IT Standard Computer Warehouse Order form was designed to duplicate the University's policies on Procurement.  Meaning there is a series of approvals at the departmental level before the order is executed.  These steps are documented in the order itself and can be referenced at any time.

Here are some simple rules for the form:

  • Please consult with your designated IT support on all orders.
  • You DO NOT need to know the chart field/account information to initiate the transaction (i.e. PeopleSoft Shopper).  However, you DO need to know your "Marketplace Assignee". (i.e. PeopleSoft Requestor) to proceed.  Consult with your department's business or dean's office to identify these individuals if you don't know who this person is.
  • The order will expire if the department does not approve it through all stages within 7 days.  
  • The form allows for only one model per order.
  • The form is dynamic, therefore the model you choose will dictate what accessories work with that particular model.
  • You must refresh the page if you need to change the model type during the order.
  • The ratio of computer to display is 1:2
  • The ratio of computer to keyboard/stand/dock is 1:1
  • The maximum number of computers is 10 per model - please use Marketplace for orders with 10+ computers.
  • If you order a hub or video conference display, you do not necessarily need a dock. That same functionality is built into the display.  But if you need multiple additional ports, go ahead and add a dock.



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