How to set automatic replies on a Shared Mailbox

One can set automatic replies on their Shared Mailbox through the Outlook Web Access interface.

  1. To begin, log in to your shared mailbox by first going to and logging in with your OU/OUHSC username and password.
  2. Next click your profile icon in the upper right corner and select Open another mailbox from the drop menu.
  3. Enter the full email address of your shared mailbox and then click Open. (ex.
  4. Go to Settings > View all Outlook settings.  Outlook Web Access with Settings button highlighted
  5. Now under Mail, click to view "Automatic replies" and select to "Turn on automatic replies". Outlook Web Access Settings with Automatic Replies selected
  6. Enter your message and select any special time restrictions.

When you wish to turn off automatic replies, follow the above process again and then click the selector to turn them off.