Data Center Co-Location

Host your technology infrastructure in one of OU IT’s Tier II or Tier III Data Center facilities (Norman, Health Sciences, and Tulsa).  Data Center Co-Location Services offers a secure Data Center hosting environment that features reliable high-speed networking, redundant power and cooling, and scalable rack-space, as well as escorted physical access to your equipment.

Co-location is available for most rack mountable infrastructure equipment, including servers, storage, networking and firewall devices.  Our Data Centers can accommodate non-rack mountable devices; however, the equipment owner is responsible for providing appropriate shelving.  All equipment in OU IT Data Centers will undergo periodic vulnerability scans.

Please set up a consultation to discuss advanced set-up and configurations such as clustering or co-location in multiple Data Centers.  For additional information about Data Center and Support service levels, please review OU IT’s Shared Services Terms and Conditions.


  • There is a one-time installation fee of $99 for each piece of co-located equipment. 
  • Monthly charges are calculated based on number of racks and number and speed of network ports per the table below. 
  • For instance, a server requiring a single rack U and two 1 GB ports for an OU Department would cost $91.50 per month or $1098 annually in addition to the one-time $99 install fee.
Customer Installation* Rack U 1 GB Port 1/10 GB Port 10 GB Port
OU Departments $99.99 $18.50 $36.50 $40.50 $43.50
OU Affiliates ** $99.99 $28.50 $41.00 $45.00 $48.00

* One time rack and stack fee.
** OU Affiliates must pay for utility costs, while central University funding covers utility costs for OU Departments.


  • OU faculty, staff, departments and groups
  • OU students and student groups with departmental sponsorship
  • OU affiliates


  • Equipment with dual power supplies (preferred)
  • Escorted physical access to equipment with two hour notification
  • Most standard rack mountable devices
  • Non-rack mountable devices with owner provided shelving
  • Rack Unit(s) in a secure, HIPAA and FERPA compliant Data Center
  • Racking, unracking, cabling, and network set-up ($99 one time fee)
  • Redundant cooling, redundant power, and fire suppression
  • Single power supply devices will reduce service level commitment
  • Support from OU IT Operations staff
  • Variable Network Connectivity

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