Block Storage (SAN)

Block Storage (SAN) offers a secure, redundant storage solution for physical* and virtual servers located in the OU Shared Services Data Centers. Data protection, disaster recovery, and Data Center support ensure the availability and integrity of your critical data and files. Additionally, options for replication across multiple Data Centers**, user-defined volume back-up schedules, and enhanced support can augment storage resiliency and redundancy.

Available in 1 GB increments, Block Storage (SAN) can decrease total storage space needs by consolidating storage and back-up of identical files.

All Flash Storage (SAN): We now offer all flash storage, giving customers the fastest storage at a reduced price for all storage needs, including application and database transactions, larger data files and graphics.

For additional information about Data Center and Support service levels, please review OU IT's Shared Services Terms and Conditions.

* Physical servers must be co-located in an OU IT Data Center. Click here to learn more about Data Center Co-Location.
** Replication is only available for virtual servers hosted in an OU IT Data Center. Click here to learn more about Virtual Server Hosting.


Monthly charges are calculated based on actual consumption during the billing period.

OU Departments and Employees: $0.10/GB ($0.20/GB Replicated)
OU Affiliates: $0.11/GB ($0.22/GB Replicated)

* OU Affiliates must pay for utility costs, while central University funding covers utility costs for OU Departments.


  • OU faculty, staff, departments and groups
  • OU students and student groups with departmental sponsorship
  • OU affiliates


  • 24x7 Availability monitoring
  • Blocks of storage space in 1 GB increments
  • HIPAA and FERPA compliant Data Center environment
  • Initial set-up and connection with server
  • iSCSI network adapter required
  • Multi-Data Center replication (optional – virtual server only)
  • Regular Hardware Refresh Cycle
  • Support from OU IT Operations staff

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