PingID Enrollment

To enroll your mobile device for usage with PingID, we recommend the following (we've included a detailed PDF at the bottom of this article):

  1. Enroll your primary phone with push authentication.
  2. Set up a secondary backup authentication method.


Enrolling your Phone

  1. Navigate to the PingID site.
  2. Upon first log in, you will be prompted with a greeting and the My Devices screen.
  3. To add your device, click the + Add button.
  4. You will have two options, to download the PingID app for iPhone & iPad as well as the download for Android.
  5. Search the app store for PingID and install it.
  6. After install, launch the app.
  7. Once installed, continue following onscreen prompts. Your pairing key and QR code are displayed on your web browser to pair your account with your application. On your device, tap Open. The PingID mobile app opens.
  8. The first time you access PingID mobile app, you'll be asked to accept the terms of service. Tap Accept.
  9. You'll also need to enable push notifications and location for PingID. Tap the "I Understand" button and then accept all PingID permission requests when prompted to do so (tap Allow and OK).
  10. From the PingID app on your device, point your device at the QR code on your browser to scan it.
    • If you are unable to scan the QR code, on your device tap Enter Pairing Key Manually and enter the pairing key as shown on the registration page.
  11. You'll see a green checkmark indicating the pairing request is successful, and the Complete Your Profile page opens automatically.
  12. Enter a nickname for your profile, optionally add a picture, and then tap Done.
  13. You'll see the PingID app screen showing the one-time passcode number and your organization name in the organization list.
  14. An authentication request is generated immediately. To complete the pairing process, authenticate using your device.
  15. Once you are authenticated, you'll see a green checkmark confirming authentication, and you are redirected to the company protected browser based service or app that you wanted to access.


Setting up a Backup Device

  1. Navigate to our article on the PingID for desktop app.
  2. Follow the steps listed for your device, either Windows or Mac.

Setting up a backup will ensure that even if you lose your phone, you will still have another activation method to get access to the site/app in question. This also ensures you can add or change your primary phone device if lost or changed.


PingID Authentication Options

PingID offers multiple authentication options, including for your phone via the app, SMS text or voice. Via the Desktop app, or an attached security key. To add these additional options, simple visit the enrollment page and hit the Add+ button to see the other available methods.


Windows/Mac Desktop App:

PingID Authentication for Desktop App

Security Key:

PingID Authentication for YubiKey


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