PingID Replacing Duo for Multi-Factor Authentication

OU IT is currently transitioning from Duo to PingID for multi-factor authentication (MFA), which is required for mobile and off-network access to enterprise software and services like your OU/OUHSC email and PeopleSoft.

Multi-factor authentication is a critical component of a secure IT environment that enables you to verify your identity using your phone or other personal device and prevents unauthorized users from logging into your account, even if they know your password.

Until the transition is complete, you will need to maintain enrollment in both PingID and Duo to ensure continued access to all of your needed OU services.

Please note that if you have notifications turned off for PingID in your device, you may need to have PingID open to see and approve any log in prompts.


Recommended Actions

Enroll in PingID now to eliminate any disruptions to your access as we migrate systems from Duo to PingID. For instructions on enrolling, click here. There are several different ways to authenticate using PingID, such as a mobile app, a desktop app, a phone call, text message, or using a physical security token (such as a YubiKey). OU IT recommends registered several different modes of authentication, such as installing the app on both a mobile device and your computer.

For more information:


Failing to Approve a PingID Prompt Authentication

For sites and applications that require PingID, ignoring or not approving the authentication prompt will fail to load the site or application in question. This can result in one not being able to access the service, or content updates not being downloaded.

  • In Outlook, this may mean that you will not receive your latest mail.
  • In applications like OneDrive or Teams, you may receive messages like "There was a problem signing you in" or "We're sorry, we've run into an issue". This may also lock up the application and make it difficult to exit while it waits on the needed PingID approval.
  • For websites, your screen may hang or stop loading after submitting your user name and password as it waits for approval from your PingID authentication method.


PingID Roll-Out Timeline

  • 9/8/22 – Freshmen
  • 9/13/22 – Sophomores and Juniors
  • 9/15/22 – Seniors, Graduate, and Unclassified Students
  • 9/20/22 – All Staff with OU.EDU Accounts
  • 9/22/22 – All Faculty with OU.EDU Accounts
  • Completed:
    • VPN (GlobalProtect) and VDI will require PingID. This change is system wide and impacts all users with or addresses.
    • December 7th, 2021 – OUHSC account cccess to Microsoft Teams, Onedrive, and will require PingID.
    • Q1 2022 - OUHSC email account migration to Microsoft 365 Exchange will require PingID.


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