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If you have not enrolled in PingID before attempting to access Outlook, you may be prompted to set up PingID upon launching the application.

  1. Upon signing in at portal.outlook.com, you may redirected to a screen asking you to download PingID.

  1. Find and install the PingID application in your device’s app store.

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  1. Open the app and accept the terms of service.
  2. You may receive a prompt saying you need to allow camera and location permissions. Select “I Understand”.

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  1. Next will be a “Welcome to PingID” page with information about PingID. At the bottom, select “Continue”.

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  1. If prompted, grant permission for PingID to take pictures and to record video.
  2. Using your phone’s camera, either scan the bar code you received from Outlook.com or select “Enter Pairing Key Manually” and enter the 12-digit code.

  1. After verifying the barcode or pairing code, you may need to grant permission allowing PingID to access your device’s location.
  2. Choose a nickname for your PingID profile and select “Done”. You may add a profile picture if you wish.
  3. You may receive a prompt stating:
    1. “Your company’s security policy may require you to always allow your location to authenticate, even when the app is closed. Your location is only used for authentication.”
    2. Select “Update Permissions” or “Remind Me Later”.
  4. You will receive an email confirming the addition of your authentication device.


Using PingID – Microsoft Outlook Application

  1. Once PingID has been set up, open Outlook.
  2. You will be prompted to re-enter your password.
  3. A grey box will appear, showing the device PingID is attempting to use for authentication.

  1. On the authentication device, approve the push notification request. If you do not have a push notification, you may need to open the app itself to approve the request.

  1. A successful authentication will be indicated by a green box and checkmark.

  1. If you are using a Mac OS device, you may also need to re-enter your password and authenticate your Exchange account within your System Preferences.  
    1. Open System Preferences, then Internet Accounts.


  1. Re-enter your password.
  2. Authenticate using the same method as above.

7. If you are using a Windows device, you will be prompted from within Outlook to re-enter your password.

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