Zoom Meeting Summary with AI Companion

Meeting Summary w/ AI Companion 

To Enable the Meeting Summary with AI Companion for Your Own Use 

  1. Sign into the Zoom web portal at https://oklahoma.zoom.us/.
  1. Select Settings.
  1. Select the AI Companion tab.
  1. Under Meeting, select the Meeting Summary with AI Companion toggle to enable or disable it.
  1. If a verification dialog displays, select Enable or Disable to verify the change.
  1. (Optional) Select the checkbox next to Automatically start Meeting Summary for all meetings I host to have meeting summary generation automatically start for all meeting you host.
Note: This does not require the host to be present, as the Meeting Summary generation will begin as soon as someone starts your meeting.
  1. Under the Share summary with section, select Only me (meeting host), Only myself (meeting host) and meeting invitees in our organization, or All meeting invitees including those outside of our organization.
Note: Meeting invitees only includes participants that were originally invited to the meeting, as participants joining the meeting ad hoc (through the in-meeting contact invitation or a sharing the join link) will not receive the summary.
  1. Select Save. 


 Start Meeting Summary as the Host 

  1. Start a meeting from the Zoom desktop client. 
  1. On the in-meeting controls, select Start Summary 
The meeting summary will begin to be generated, and participants will see a notification informing them that Meeting Summary is active. 
  1. Select Stop Summary to end generating the summary of the current meeting.  
Once the meeting has ended, the meeting summary will be finalized and sent out shortly for viewing. 


Meeting Summary Data Retention
  • The transcript used to create the summary is stored for a limited time to provide the service and support.
  • Meeting summaries are primarily stored within the web portal. If shared elsewhere, like Team Chat or Email, the summary is stored within that system.
  • Meeting summaries can only be manually deleted. There are no custom retention settings at this time.
Meeting Summary Data Usage
  • Zoom does not use any customer audio, video, chat, screen sharing, attachments, or other communications-like customer content (such as poll results, whiteboard, and reactions) to train Zoom's or its third-party AI models.
  • Unlike other providers, we only need a meeting transcript, not a recording, to provide Meeting summary.
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