What is a Distribution Group?

Distribution Groups

Distribution Groups are groups of users within Active Directory (AD) that, similar to Group Email (Listserv), can be used for the purposes of sending multiple users a message at the same time. Unlike Listservs, they can also be utilized to assign users special permissions to access certain applications. Also, unlike Listserv lists, these groups are only able to contain OU and OUHSC accounts as members. External accounts and email addresses are not supported. Distribution Groups can also have the option of being displayed in the Exchange Global Address List (GAL), or not, according to your preference. A distribution group can be requested at here. Additional information can be found here.

Shared Mailboxes

Alternately Shared Mailboxes function to allow organizations and departments to make use of one account for mail or calendar management. Those designated users in an associated group can open the Shared Mailbox from their OU mail account, and view the mail sent to it. They may also view and make changes to the calendar of the account. A shared mailbox can be requested at here. Additional information can be found here.


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