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Kaltura MyMedia serves as an enterprise-wide video content delivery solution for the campus, think of it as an OU-branded YouTube integrated with our services. Due to the increasing demand for digital content, we recognize the need to enable our students, faculty, and staff to create, store, and distribute video content. OU MyMedia allows video and audio uploads, webcam recordings, and enables users to create screen captures. Additionally, OU MyMedia is being leveraged to facilitate lecture capture in various classrooms and provides a technical backend for live streaming events.

Media can be kept private, require an OU login, or be shared publicly. Playback is supported on nearly any device, operating system, or browser – ensuring a consistent experience for viewers.

Prior to use, it is recommended to view the full OU MyMedia policy here.


OU IT provides this service for FREE to all Norman campus faculty, staff, and students utilizing the basic functionality of OU MyMedia (upload, webcam record, screen capture). Charges may be incurred for utilizing lecture capture; this will require a request via needhelp.ou.edu and consultation prior to use.


Available to all OU/OUHSC users for free, it is accessible through direct login at MyMedia.ou.edu. Users can also access MyMedia through Canvas. OU MyMedia access is available to all OU faculty, staff, and students with a valid OUNetID. Anyone can view videos that have been shared publicly on OU MyMedia.

MyMedia offers the ability to create screen captures, webcam recordings, or upload videos. It also integrates seamlessly with Canvas to enable the use of video in course content, discussions, and even assessments.

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