Virtual Server Hosting

Host your server-based software on a scalable virtual server in OU IT's private cloud. Your Microsoft or Linux server will exist in VM Ware in one of OU IT's new, state-of-the-art data centers on the Norman, HSC, or Tulsa campus. You can scale server resources like CPU, memory, and storage to meet the requirements of your hosted application(s). Virtual servers are more flexible and cost efficient than traditional physical servers. 

In the event of technical issues, we provide automatic failover for your virtual server to other hardware.

For an additional fee we can provide point-in-time snapshots of your virtual server prior to software or system upgrades/patching.

Customers are responsible for providing the following information or for specifying the following configuration options, and OU IT will charge accordingly:

  • Appoint an administrator for the equipment who can coordinate with OU IT Facilities staff. 
  • Comply with all University requirements and policies, including security, privacy, and acceptable use policies.  OU IT Data Centers are designed for compliance with these requirements; however, each customer of this service must ensure compliance of content.   
  • Please specify the following:
    • CPU Count
    • RAM
    • Connectivity (number of virtual network interface cards)
    • Security Requirements
    • Disk/Storage Space
    • Failover and portability requirements


Monthly charges are calculated based on actual consumption during the billing period.

  • 50 GB of storage included
  • $8.50 per month per VM CPU
  • $4.50 per month per VM GB of memory
  • $0.10 per month per GB of additional storage


  • OU faculty, staff, departments and groups
  • OU students and student groups with departmental sponsorship
  • OU affiliates

Powered Off Virtual Servers: Virtual Servers that are requested by you, but powered off or suspended will be charged at the minimum VM size/rate of $13/mo, plus any storage consumed by the virtual server.

Firewall Rules: If one or more firewall rules are required, you must submit a Firewall Request using the source IP(s) provided during the resolution of this request.


  • 24x7 Availability monitoring
  • HIPAA and FERPA compliant Data Center environment
  • Includes RAM, CPU, connectivity, and initial 50 GB Flash Storage
  • Initial set-up and configuration
  • Redundant cooling, redundant power, and fire suppression
  • Regular Hardware Refresh Cycle
  • Sensitive data capabilities with consultation from OU IT Security
  • Support from local Service Desk and OU IT Operations staff

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