Exception Accounts

OU IT provides OUNet accounts to all students and faculty/staff. 

Exception Accounts can be requested for people who need special or temporary access to OU systems. They can be requested for students, faculty, staff, visiting professors, or contractors/vendors. In addition, Service Accounts can be requested for specific use access to some systems or services like Wifi@OU.


OU IT provides this service for FREE to all Norman campus faculty, staff, and students.


Exception accounts may be created for groups or individuals, if authorized by a full-time OU faculty/staff member. Note that Exception accounts are only created for individuals who do not have regular OUNet accounts.


OU IT provides OUNet Accounts to all students and faculty/staff. Exception Accounts may be created for authorized individuals or groups of individuals, who do not qualify for a regular account yet need a user account for a specific purpose.

Affiliates of the University may request an exception account to gain access to OU email, network resources, and other services. Exception accounts require annual approval and must be sponsored by a director or chair of the affiliated department or college.

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