A Listserv is one of the systems used by the University of Oklahoma system for the purposes of sending email messages to a large number of people at the same time.

As email has become an increasingly important medium of communication at the University of Oklahoma and throughout the world, the email distribution list has become a powerful way for groups to communicate. OU IT facilitates the creation and maintenance of these distribution lists with Listserv version 16 from L-Soft international, Inc.

Listserv is used as an aid to class discussions, faculty committees and student organizations. With over 700 mailing lists, Listserv is used by almost every unit of the University of Oklahoma for simple and reliable email-based communication.

Please note that Listserv accounts can be used with University (OU/OUHSC) and non-University mail accounts. If you need a group for just OU/OUHSC mail accounts or if you also need the group to manage special permissions to University systems or services, this functionality can be accomplished using an Exchange Distribution List, of which more information can be seen by visiting the Service Catalog page specific to Distribution Lists.


OU IT provides this service FREE to all OKC, Tulsa, and Norman campus faculty, staff and students.


OU Listserv addresses are available for current facutly, staff, and student groups. A current OU/OUHSC account will be required to complete the request.



A listserv can be used by class discussion groups, faculty committees, and student organizations, among others, to send messages to a large number of users concurrently. Once you have a Listserv set up, you can manage the users within the list by logging on to using the information given to you upon creation.

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