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OU IT provides the infrastructure and hardware for all phones and cabling to meet the telecommunications needs of campus staff and faculty. We offer a variety of services to fit many needs and integrate seamlessly into each department’s vision and strategy.

Orders for new service or changes will be sent to an IT Services employee and reviewed for completeness, then sent to technicians that will complete the work in order of receipt. Completion takes roughly two business weeks under a nominal workload, though completion times for projects such as new buildings, renovations, departmental moves, etc. may vary.

Campus telephony is done mainly through Ethernet lines. While some analog and digital lines on campus still exist, the campus is making the switch to IP due to the high capacity of service it offers and options it provides. IP phones offer multi-line support, PC pass-through, more memory, and active screens with paging for standard options. If a user still needs an older analog line, both phone and fax options are still available. Note that every phone will have its own unique, direct phone number.

Billing for phones is done on a monthly basis by charging a chart field. If you have a question about pricing or billing for your request, please use our IT Business Office inquiry service.


This service is available to Campus Departments, Faculty, Staff, NWC, and associates in Partners Place. Availability is subject to access of Ethernet lines. Lines may be run at an additional cost to those areas without current connectivity. Most orders can be fulfilled within two business weeks, though times may vary dependent on holidays, weather, and size of order.




Avaya J179 Desk Phone Features

Multi-line support: The J179 can be programmed with up to 6 phone numbers, all answerable on one phone. Each line can be set up to respond differently to incoming calls. Each line can individually be configured to ring, to light up the signal light, to do both, or to do neither, depending on your preference. If you need more lines available on one phone, it is possible to expand the available lines by purchasing an add-on module.

Speaker Phone Support: The J179 also supports yourself and up to 5 additional people in conference calls, either using the handset, or the speaker phone. The phone can be set to answer the speakerphone by default instead of the handset, if you wish.

Headset Support: You can attach a headset in the back and set it to be the default method for answering the phone as well, should you choose to do so.

Voice Mail Support: The J179 has integrated support for voice mail, as well as caller ID and call logging. You can request that the message notification light activate (or not) when a new message is left on the voice mailbox associated with your phone number.

Multi-Function LCD Screen: The J179 context-sensitive LCD screen allows you to set many customizable options yourself, such as ring tone, contrast, language, default answering path, and much, much more.

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