Cisco AnyConnect VPN for Android Devices

Go to the Google Play store, search for AnyConnect, and install it.

Open it and accept the End User License Agreement.

Select OK on the next prompt about AnyConnect requiring access to information about your device.

Open Cisco AnyConnect and select Connections.

Cisco AnyConnect Program Connection Option


Select Add New Connection.

Cisco AnyConnect Program Add New Connection Screen



Cisco AnyConnect Program Connection Editor Screen


The Description is optional and may be whatever makes the most sense to you. For the server, enter “https//” and then click Done.


Cisco AnyConnect Program Connection Editor Screen


Log in with your OUNet ID and password and then accept the series of prompts/permissions that follow.


Cisco AnyConnect Program Login Page



Cisco AnyConnect Program Agreement Page



Cisco AnyConnect Program Connection Agreement Page


Your VPN connection should now be established.


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