Microsoft Surface Repair

In order to request service for your Microsoft Surface, you will have to go through Instructions on how to send in your Surface for repair can be found here: Service for Surface

How to get Service for the Surface:

  1. Register your device with Microsoft. In order to do this, you will need a Microsoft account (the same one used to sign in to the Surface) as well as the Surface’s serial number.  Locate the Serial Number.
  2. Microsoft asks that you perform troubleshooting before you send in your Surface. Surface Troubleshooting Information.
  3. If the issue is not resolved after performing their recommended troubleshooting, you can begin the process of requesting a repair. Request Repair.
  4. Before you ship the device, be sure to remove all accessories from the Surface and back up any data that you have on the computer. Prepare your Surface for Service.

If your device is no longer under warranty, a repair charge will be required before any work can be performed.

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