Windows 10 – Edge Browser Compatibility with Kaltura

Kaltura fully supports Microsoft Edge browser functionality. All major workflows and key functionalities within the Kaltura platform will function in Edge, with the exception of some minor issues that have been identified below. Currently Kaltura is working to resolve these last few issues in Edge. Due to Microsoft’s decision to not support Java and Silverlight on Edge the following products are not supported on Edge:

  • Kaltura Screen Recorder
  • Aspera Client Uploader
  • Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder
  • Silverlight player DRM. For DRM, please use Kaltura’s Universal Modular DRM.

Supported with Minor Issues

Kaltura Management Console

  • Occasionally, partner name is hidden in top right corner of KMC.

Kaltura Video Players

  • Advertising overlay and pre-roll is not functioning as expected.
  • When used for keyboard shortcuts, the “end” key is not functioning as expected.
  • Plugin flavor selector does not highlight current flavor in full screen.
  • Share and embed functionality does not function as intended when sign-in to social media is required.
  • Video do not blur when paused.


  • Functionality is not working due to Java dependency.

Kaltura MediaSpace

  • In the “Related Content” tab, thumbnails occasionally grey or black out.
  • Header color changes when clicking on “Add Media”.
  • Background on “Tabs” is distorted in some cases.

Kaltura Application Framework (LMS and CMS Extensions)
Minor mashup tool and rich text editor functionality issues:

  • Occasional abnormal response when adding content.
  • Inability to play more than one video asset at a time.
  • Audio occasionally plays twice with the video; that is, when the stop button is clicked, the sound continues to play.

Sharepoint Integration

  • “Access denied” message appears upon going back to “My Media” after creating a new clip.

Not Supported in Edge Browser

Kaltura Screen Recorder

  • Due to Java reliance, the capture functionality is currently not supported; however, content created using Screen Recorder is still viewable.

Not Supported in Windows 10

Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder

  • CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder is currently not supported on Windows 10; however, content created using CaptureSpace is still viewable.


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