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Dropbox for Business is a file hosting service that connects files, devices and teams. With Dropbox for Business, you can store, sync and share various file types with both external organizations, and teams at OU. File syncing and concurrent editing make collaboration and document sharing a breeze.

Download the Dropbox application for the ability to access your files and folders on multiple devices. With Dropbox for business, users get even more security and collaboration features along with unlimited storage space. Dropbox for Business has no file type restrictions, no operating system requirements, and no size limits. Your recipients can access the latest file version without installing software, navigating FTP servers, or searching through email.

If you wish to purchase a Dropbox for Business license or remove a user from the OU Dropbox for Business system, please visit our Service Catalog.


Logging In

Once your account in the OU Dropbox for Business instance is created, you will utilize your OU email address as your user name and your OU password as your password. If you had an OU email alias created on your account when you signed up, you will use this version of your address for your user name. If you did not have an alias, you will use your default OU dotted email address.

  1. To begin, navigate to www.dropbox.com.
  2. Click the "Sign In" option.
  3. You should now be prompted for your Email address and Password.
  4. Enter your OU Email address. Use your OU email alias if you had one at initial sign up, otherwise use your OU dotted email address.
  5. Once you enter your recognized OU email address, the password field should disappear and a "Single sign-on enabled" prompt should appear. If the password prompt remains, that means the system is not recognizing your OU email address as being associated with an active OU Dropbox for Business account. Please try your OU email alias address instead of your dotted address, or vice versa.
  6. Once the the email address is recognized, click the Continue button. You should now be re-directed to the OU SSO log in page.
  7. Enter your recognized OU Email address or OUNet ID for the user name, and your OU Password for the password and then click Sign In.
  8. Your Dropbox account should now load. If you wish to install the Dropbox for Business app, you will log in using the same sign in information.


Getting Help

Dropbox provides an extensive knowledge base that covers a wide variety of topics. It is available at https://help.dropbox.com/. If you need to make any additional changes to a Dropbox license, please use our IT Service Catalog.


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