PeopleSoft Employee Self Service

Employee Self-Service allows OU employees to do the following:

  • View and print your earning statements and save them to your personal computer.
  • View and update address information.
  • View and update campus phone numbers. Updates made in the system will also be reflected in the other campus databases. This includes the online faculty / staff directory and the email global address book.
  • View paycheck information.
  • Create and update an emergency contact list.
  • View compensation data.
  • View your personal information page.
  • OU Norman program employees can update federal W-4 tax information.
  • OU Norman program employees can print duplicate W-2 wage and tax statements for years starting with 2005.
  • Complete Direct Deposit Forms.


To access Employee Self-Service:

  • Log in at (opens new window).
  • You will need to authenticate with Duo Mulfi-Factor Authentication. To learn more about Duo, see this article.
  • Only employees who are currently active in the Employee system will be able to log in.  If you are unable to log in, contact the HR representative in your department to verify that all of your paperwork has gone through.
  • Access to the system begins after your start date and ends after your position is terminated.


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