Alumni Email FAQ

Important Alumni Support Information

Alumni account assistance is exclusively provided through the Alumni Account Assistance Service Request ( OU IT does not provide phone or in-person support. To expedite service, please ensure you include proper identification (see Account Verification Requirements) when submitting any alumni account assistance requests. 


Alumni Security Improvements

To enhance the security of alumni and retiree accounts, a series of important security improvements will be implemented beginning Monday, February 26, 2024. These improvements are aimed at mitigating security threats within the domain. These changes will bring accounts into alignment with the university's established password and IT access control policies.

Security Enhancement Overview:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): The use of a free MFA service, Microsoft Authenticator, will be required to access your account.
  • Annual Password Update: Alumni email address passwords must be changed every 365 days.
  • Inactive Account Policy: Inactive accounts will be expired, disabled, and deleted based on the date of the last password change. If the account password is not changed within 30 days after the expiration date, the account will be disabled. After 60 days of being disabled the account will be deleted.


  • Monday, February 26, 2024: All accounts will be required to change their password AND set MFA.
  • Wednesday, March 27 2024: All accounts without a password change in 365 days will expire.
  • Friday, April 26, 2024: All accounts that have been expired for 30 days (password not set in 395 days) will be disabled.
  • Tuesday, June 25, 2024: All accounts that have been disabled for 60 days (password not set in 455 days) will be deleted.

Inactive/Dormant Account Process:

Accounts which do not have a password updated every 365 days are categorized as Inactive/Dormant and go through a process of expiration, disabling, and deletion.

  • Expired Accounts: Password hasn't been changed in 365 to 395 days. Expired accounts still receive email. Users are automatically prompted to change their password, via self-service. After the password has been updated the account will drop out of the inactive/dormant account process.
  • Disabled Accounts: Password hasn't been changed in 395 to 455 days. Disabled accounts still receive email. Users must submit a Alumni Account Assistance Request to verify identity, re-enable the account, and set a new password. Once re-enabled, accounts drop out of the inactive/dormant account process.
  • Deleted Accounts: Password hasn't been changed in +455 days. Deleted accounts do not receive email. Deleted accounts are retained for 30 days. Users which need to re-activate an account which has been deleted and is within the 30 day period must submit a Alumni Account Assistance Request to verify identity, re-store the account, and set a new password. If the request to restore a deleted account occurs beyond 30 days of deletion the account is gone. Users may request a New Alumni Request.

Alumni Email Overview

The OU Alumni email service ( is provided by Microsoft to graduates and retirees of OU.  As a free email service, changes initiated and mandated by Microsoft can impact the security, usage, and experience. The use of the Alumni email address is limited to individual use and does not allow for the creation of guests, teams, or usage of other Microsoft applications. To maintain an active account, users must log in and change their password every 365 days. For more information about requesting an alumni account, please visit:

Alumni Email Support

OU IT supports the ability for users to access their Alumni mailbox via web browser at OU IT does not provide support to mail clients (apps), including Outlook, as OU IT is unable to support Alumni devices or respond to software changes implemented by vendors. If a user wishes to utilize a mail client, including Outlook, the user will be responsible for research and configuration of the mail client. If you have been locked out or your account or need additional account assistance, please visit

Alumni Email MFA

To protect your Alumni account, OU IT strongly encourages the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA), and will soon require MFA via Microsoft Authenticator. To learn more about enrolling in MFA, please visit this article.

Alumni Email Password Reset

OU IT encourages the use of Self-Service for users to reset their password. For instructions on resetting your password via Self-Service, please visit this article. If you have been locked out or your account or need additional account assistance, please visit

Alumni Email Sign In

OU IT supports signing into your account via For more information about signing into the web browser, please visit this article.

Alumni Account Verification Requirements

Please note, in situations where one has lost access to their account or needs changes, OU IT requires photo verification. As part of this process you will be asked to provide a high resolution photo of you holding your OU ID, state ID or country ID that clearly shows your face and name.

Alumni Email FAQ's

Q: My account has been disabled. How do I re-gain access?

A. If you have been locked out or your account or need additional account assistance, please visit

Q: My account was deleted. Can you restore the account and mailbox?

A. Deleted accounts can be restored for 30 days after the deletion. OU IT is not able to restore mailbox access after 30 days; however, you are entitled to receive a new account and mailbox.

Q: Why doesn't OU IT provide knowledge articles or support options for mail clients (including IMAP/POP/SMTP)?

A: In the interest of improving the security posture of the email service, Microsoft and OU IT continue to reduce security risks. Security changes can impact the configuration and usage of mail clients, and mail client vendors can implement changes which disrupt or modify the configuration steps. Additionally, due to the variety of mail clients, configurations, and versions, OU IT does not have the resources to provide for or encourage the use of one mail client over another for this free email service. As such, OU IT's support for mailbox access is limited to accessing

Q: Can I auto-forward emails from my account to another location?

A: No.

Q: Can I change my display name and/or email address?

A: No. Alumni email addresses and names are automatically created based on the information provided at graduation (or retirement, if applicable).

Q: My contact information (phone/address) information is incorrect or missing, can this be updated?

A. No. Contact information, such as phone and address information is no longer support in the e-mail tenant and is being removed.

Q: Can I purchase additional access to Microsoft applications (i.e. Excel, Word, PowerPoint) through OU?

A: No. The purchase of any software will be directly with Microsoft and will not be supported by OU IT.

Q: Does my alumni email include access to other Microsoft applications or the ability to store files?

A: No.

Q: Can I request a team or distribution list in the domain?

A: No.

Q: Can I add guests or external users to the domain?

A: No.



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