Changing IT Admin Password

How to Change your IT Admin Password

The following article identifies the process to reset your IT Admin (IT_, A, ITA_, etc.) account. IT Admin accounts must be changed every 365 days and require 16 characters.


Your IT Admin account must be enrolled in PingID. OU IT recommends using an incognito browser to enroll your IT Admin account and change your IT Admin account.

PingID Information:

PingID Enrollment:


Self Service Steps to Change Your IT Admin Password:

  1. Using an incognito browser, go to
  2. Enter your IT Admin account and password
    • During authentication, you will be prompted to approve the log in through PingID.
  3. Click "Change Password"
  4. Enter the "Old Password" and the "New Password". Please note, you may click on the eye icon to see the text.
  5. Click "Change Password"

I Forgot My Admin Password or it Expired, How Do I Reset it?

- If your IT Admin account is expired or you forgot the password you need to submit a general ticket ( to have an OU IT member assist you in the password change. By design, expired passwords cannot be changed without manual intervention.



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