Privileged Accounts

OU IT provides Privileged Accounts to eligible OU staff members for specified reasons. 

Privileged Accounts are available upon request (pending appropriate approval) to eligible OU staff members for specified reasons. The following Privileged Accounts are available:



Admin Account – Admin Accounts are available to staff members who work in IT positions. These accounts should be used to perform certain actions in more secure environments and/or involve system administration, restricted data, management interfaces, etc.

Service Account – Service Accounts are available to be used in services/systems to authenticate to other systems/services. These accounts should not to be used beyond initially setting up the service to authenticate. Departments who need an account only to connect devices to WIFI should select this account type.

Microsoft 365 (M365) Account – M365 Accounts are available only to select OU IT staff in specific positions. Only users who have been directed to request these accounts should do so.


OU IT provides this service for FREE to all Norman, OKC, and Tulsa campus faculty and staff.


OU IT provides Privileged Accounts to eligible full-time OU staff members on an as-needed basis.


This request form must be used to request new accounts, modify accounts, and to disable accounts. All Privileged Accounts are subject to applicable policies, standards, and guidelines listed at

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