Zoom for Staff

Zoom is a communications software that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat and mobile collaboration.   Zoom allows for HD video and high-quality audio for all meetings.  It contains collaboration tools that allow multiple participants can share their screens simultaneously and co-annotate for a more interactive meeting. You can access your free basic account by going to Oklahoma.zoom.us and logging in with your OUNetID or OUHSC Email.

Cool features:

  • Meeting Summary w/ AI Companion
  • Whiteboard
  • Screen share on both mobile devices and computers
  • Video and shared content recording
  • Audio sharing
  • Document Sharing
  • Variety of view settings
  • Reusability of meeting links
  • In-advance scheduling
  • Take attendance
  • Team Chat

General Tips:

  • In a small lecture (less than 10 people), it is worth having both video and audio on for all participants. If there are more, students should turn audio and video off except to talk.
  • Zoom displays a thumbnail of the person speaking. If you want to keep that thumbnail active, you can “pin” it by clicking on it.
  • Only one person can share their screen at a time. If someone is sharing their screen, they will need to stop sharing for the next person to be able to share their screen.
  • Create recurring time meetings with no fixed time so a reusable link is generated
  • Have zoom installed in your device days before your scheduled meeting.
  • At least 15 minutes before the meeting:
    • Find a quiet, distraction-free zone with strong Wi-Fi.
    • Give permission to Zoom to access your microphone and camera. Test them to make sure they work fine.
  • Light your face more brightly than your background, just like a selfie.
  • If you cannot use video, set a nice profile picture on your Zoom account!

What devices can I use Zoom on?

  1. Laptop/computer (PC/Mac) — recommended
  2. Tablet (Apple iOS, Android)
  3. Smartphone (Apple iOS, Android)

What can Zoom be used for?

Departmental meetings

  • Interviews
  • One-to-one meetings with students (e.g. education abroad advisors, money coaches, etc.)
  • Development Training and Workshops
  • Scheduled meetings.


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