Service Catalog

Categories (10)

Account and Identity Management

Supporting your University account access needs, as well as the management systems for OU account information.

Communication and Collaboration

The collaborative tools offered by the University that connect files, devices and teams; including telecommunications, email, video conferencing and file sharing.

Device Management and Support

Offers support and technical assistance for the computers, devices and peripherals used by OU faculty, staff and students.

Infrastructure and Enterprise Applications

Supporting the OU network infrastructure, including port management, cabling and wireless services; as well as hosting solutions for academic and administrative file storage and server management.

IT Professional Services

IT Project Management, Consultation, and Data Services; as well as Business Analytics, Enterprise Integration, Reports, Dashboards, and Visualizations.


Supporting education and research by providing infrastructure for handling data aggregation and collection.

Information Security

The services and systems which protect the OU community’s resources, data, and privacy.

Academic Technology

Provides specialized in-room support and training services to assist the OU community with the technical aspects of technology use in classrooms, meeting rooms and collaborative settings across campus.

Software Catalog

The University offers a wide range of free and for-purchase software for work and school use. Includes both operating systems and desktop applications.

Medical Informatics and Epic Reports

Business Intelligence and Analytics
Not intended for EMR/Allscripts problems