How To Install GlobalProtect (VPN)

*If you do not currently have remote access (VPN), please refer to the following prerequisite article:

ยท Remote Access (VPN) Request

  1. Navigate to (Norman) or (HSC) to download the GlobalProtect Remote Access (VPN) client.
  2. Log-in to the site using your University credentials.
  3. Select the download option that is right for you (PC or Mac).
  4. Once you have installed GloalProtect, you will need to log in using your OUNetID or your OUHSC ID and then accept the Ping push.GlobalProtext download selections
  5. Run the program and follow the on-screen instructions to install GlobalProtect on your system.
  6. When prompted, enter (Norman users) or (HSC users) on the GlobalProtect window, then click Connect.GlobalProtext portal address prompt
  7. Enter your username and password, then click Sign In to connect to the VPN.Sign In Prompt


Connect to the VPN

Use of the Ping Mobile Two-Factor Authentication app is required for remote access into our campus resources. The Global Protect client will launch the remote connection and then a Ping push must be approved.


Ping registration:

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