Install the Sassafras IT Asset Management agent

The Sassafras IT Asset Management agent will be used to allow OU to monitor encryption status for your device while you are at OU. This acts in conjunction with BitLocker or FileVault to ensure your machine meets the necessary security requirements.

  1. To begin, please download the file for your operating system. If you are on Windows and do not know your processor type, go to Start > Settings > System > About > System Type line.
    1. Windows for ARM processors
    2. Windows 32-Bit
    3. Windows 64-Bit
    4. MacOS
  2. Now double click the downloaded installer to begin the install process. Note you will need to be an admin on the machine to install this software. 
  3. When prompted for a server address during client install:
    1. OU HSC students should use:
      • Note that you must include https://
      • This can also be entered in the KeyAccess Setup (preference panel on MacOS)
  4. Your computer will now reboot.

Once your machine has completed Sassafras installation, HSC students should Find their Serial Number and Submit the Student Encryption Certification Form.


Installation Note

If you have installed the Sassafras agent, but have yet to encrypt your device, you will see the following alert message:


Windows unencrypted device alert message


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