OU IT Password Policy Updates

Updated University Password Policy
Beginning Fall 2021, OU IT will be implementing a new University-wide Password Policy that aligns OU user password requirements with industry standards for increased cybersecurity. The purpose of this policy is to establish guidance regarding the creation and management of OU accounts in order to protect the security of the network, protect data integrity, and protect information systems.

The updated OU IT Password Policy was approved in 2020 after collecting feedback from OU and OUHSC faculty and staff through the IT Policy, Standard, & Procedure (PSP) Program. For more information on OU IT's commitment to collaborating with stakeholders to develop IT policies and standards, please visit https://www.ou.edu/ouit/cybersecurity/policies.


OU.EDU and OUHSC.EDU Staff, Faculty, Student, and Sponsored Accounts
All current and new accounts will be subject to new password requirements:

  • Minimum of 12 characters.
  • Cannot be the same as your user ID or previous six passwords.
  • At least one upper AND lowercase letter.
  • At least one numeral OR one symbol.
  • Cannot contain your name or OUNet ID (ex. Jane Doe would not be able to use "jane", "doe" or doe0023)
  • Cannot contain the words boomer, sooner, qwerty or password.
  • Must be changed at least every 365 days.

For recommendations and guidelines, please see “How do I create a strong password?”.


OU.EDU Accounts - Timeline and Process
Link to change password: (https://one.ou.edu/account/security)

  • All password actions will take place in one.ou.edu (not accounts.ou.edu).
  • Passwords will be set to expire before the end of 2021.
  • Users that change their passwords now will not have to change again for 365 days.
  • Users who fail to change their passwords voluntarily will receive emailed password expiration notices during October/November that inform them of a password expiration date. These emails will come from ouit@ou.edu with the subject: “Your OUNetID Password Is Set to Expire”.


OUHSC.EDU Accounts - Timeline and Process
Link to change password: (https://www.ouhsc.edu/password)

  • New requirements go into effect September 30th, 2021.
  • User passwords will be subject to the new policy standard when their current 90-day period expires.
  • New passwords will not have to change again for 365 days.


Special Account Requests
For legacy systems and special circumstances that require 8-character passwords, please see information on requesting special password permissions (coming soon). Please note that 8-character passwords must be changed every 90 days.


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