How do I create a strong password?

If you need assistance choosing or configuring a complex password, please see the suggestions below:

Step 1:  Choose a favorite quote, phrase, saying, song, habit, title, or make up a mnemonic to help you remember your password. A mnemonic is a formula or rhyme to help you remember.

Step 2:  Use the first letter or syllable from each word to create your password. Mix uppercase and lowercase letters any way you like. Keep in mind that you'll need to type the letters exactly the same way every time you use the password.

Step 3:  Combine relevant special characters (:~!@#$%^&*()_+{}[]<>) and numbers to form a password that is 12-20 characters in length and contains letters, numbers, and symbols.

* NOTE: iRIS users must not use passwords that contain the following characters: * " ' , / \ - > <

For example:

  • My four children are wonderful when they're asleep by 9:00 PM (M4cawwtab9:00)
  • My anniversary is April 4 I need to remember that date to live (MaiA4Intrtdtl)
  • I like to see Christmas lights on Dec 25 (Il2CXmasloD25)

Try substituting letters for numbers (or vice versa), such as:

  • equals 3
  • equals 1
  • O equals 0 (zero)
  • for equals 4
  • two equals 2
  • B equals 8
  • see or sea equals C

For example:

  • Use tr33Appl3sw1ng instead of treeAppleswing (substitute the E's with 3's and 1 for i)
  • Use J0hnny80y5lim instead of Johnnyboyslim (substitute the O's with zeros, the B with 8 & 5 for s)
  • Use B1rdCameraH1ll instead of BirdCameraHill (substittue 1 for i)


The following is a list of the password practices a user should NOT do:

  • Write down a password on a sticky note placed on or near your computer.
  • Use a word found in a dictionary (any dictionary).
  • Use the names of people, places, pets, or other common items.
  • Share your password with someone else.
  • Use the same password for more than one account.
  • Use the default password provided by the vendor.


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