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MyMedia – Sharing a video on another site

Linking: Start at the viewing page for the video in question. Click share on under the video you want to share. It should default to sharing a link to a media page:  Copy the link and

MyMedia - Remove media from media gallery

playlist but not from your MyMedia repository.   Service Alerts Check Alerts Subscribe Can't find what you're looking for? Contact Us

Adding Kaltura MyMedia to Canvas Course Navigation

until you see the Kaltura MyMedia tool, click on the three dots, then select Enable. You should now see the Kaltura MyMedia tool in the top list on the page. You can drag and drop the menu items in

MyMedia Hotspots: Introduction and how to add them

time point in the video Note: Hotspots cannot be used in Quiz videos. To access the Hotspot Menu, log in using your OUNet ID in Once you are logged in, click on Your

How to Publish videos from MyMedia on Media Gallery?

For videos to appear in Media Gallery the course coordinator must publish the videos from their MyMedia. To do so go to Media Gallery in the navigation tool in your course.  It will show the media

What is Media Gallery in Canvas?

course Media Gallery. Similarly, only the course instructor/managers can edit and change the settings of the videos. Media Gallery is a subsection of MyMedia which is directly tied to Learning

How to Add/Share Media Gallery Playlist to Canvas pages

playlist to existing Discussion or create new Discussion by clicking on the + Discussion button. In the Text editor, click on the OU MyMedia (Kaltura) icon.    It will take you to the OU MyMedia

About Zoom Video Conferencing

Zoom, follow this link: Zoom. Zoom and MyMedia Zoom is integrated with MyMedia, which allows Pro license holders to record their meetings and have them appear in their MyMedia account. Users

How to upload Media directly to Media Gallery?

directed to your MyMedia page.    Select one or more media items from the list by checking the checkbox on the left of each video. Sorting and Filtering options are available or simply search by

Enabling Media Gallery in Canvas

Media Gallery is a tool that allows you access your MyMedia videos directly from within Canvas and create playlists tailored to your course. To use Media Gallery in your course, it must first be

Kaltura Capture: Installation and Basic Functionality

To begin the installation process for Kaltura Capture, you first must navigate to the MyMedia page, located at  Login by clicking “Guest.” This will open a drop-down

Kaltura Capture: Uploading

do so before uploading the video to MyMedia. To do so, simply click on the current title of the video. Make the necessary changes and click Save & Upload. Alternatively, if no changes need to be

Updating Media Gallery Video settings and features

-publisher, or co-viewer. Captions is for adding new captions other than the automatically generated ones through MyMedia. Replace Media allows you to choose another video to replace the existing one

Creating Playlist in Media Gallery

you will see all the media present in your MyMedia. You can add media to the created playlist by clicking on the plus (+) sign located on the right of each media.  Once selected, you can


enterprise integrations with Campus-wide tools, such as Microsoft Teams, Qualtrics and MyMedia. Cost All OU/OUHSC faculty, staff, students, residents