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MyMedia – Creating a Video Quiz

In MyMedia you can create interactive video quizzes. You can create quizzes for your viewers that will prompt them to respond at certain parts of any given video. Note: This feature currently

Add a YouTube Video to MyMedia

OU MyMedia enables you to add an existing, public YouTube video to your account for easy access. Please note that if the video is removed from YouTube it will no longer be playable from your account

MyMedia – Trimming or Clipping a Video

reversible. Clipping a video will save a new video clip to your MyMedia library. To Begin: Click on Your Name and then My Media   Click Edit on the video you want to trim Click Launch

MyMedia – Tagging Media Effectively

One of the best ways to make your media accessible to the public is to tag it correctly. The best tags are short, simple and to the point. They highlight the subject of your content and include

MyMedia FAQ & Known Issues

FAQS Who can use MyMedia? All University of Oklahoma users (Norman, Tulsa, HSC) can login to view, create, and share content in MyMedia. Why do I see a higher quality video by

MyMedia - Publicly Shared Playlist

MyMedia. Locate the playlist you want to share. Click on the Share &Embed option located below the playlist.    On the Share & Embed box, click on the Copy Link. Depending upon the privacy setting

MyMedia Avoiding Media Deletion

The University of Oklahoma MyMedia storage policy has recently changed. Due to that change, users are now required to play their content within a two-year span to keep content from being deleted

MyMedia - General Site Navigation

. MyMedia enhances lecture capture and live streaming, while also providing a framework for ADA/508 compliance. LOGGING IN Go to The recommended browser for MyMedia is

Embed using MyMedia in Canvas

Videos uploaded to your MyMedia account can be placed on any section of Canvas where the rich content editor (picture below) is available, such as discussion threads, announcements, assignments, etc

Editing Captions within MyMedia

NOTE: All new videos added will be auto-captioned. Un-edited captions will only be 70/80% accuracy. Please edit captions for higher accuracy. Log In into your MyMedia account Go to your

Add captions to a video on MyMedia

How to add captions to a video on MyMedia: Log in at with your OUNetID and password  Click on your name to access a drop-down menu  Select

MyMedia - Recommended audio specifications

Audio files: (AAC, MP3) with appropriate file extensions (.m4a, .mp3). For best results during playback, MyMedia recommends the following specifications: Audio Format: Baseline Low-Complexity

Ordering Machine Captions from MyMedia

Machine captions are automatically created by MyMedia when a video is uploaded to your account. In the event these captions are not created for your video, the captions can be ordered by following

Adding a MyMedia video Link to Canvas

Navigate to Log in by clicking “Guest” in the top-right corner, then “Login” from the dropdown menu. Then, click your name and then “My Media” from that dropdown menu. Find

Create a new screen capture in MyMedia

Create a new screen capture recording in MyMedia. Log in at with your OUNetID and password At the top of the page, go to Add New > Kaltura Capture If you have not