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What is Media Gallery in Canvas?

Media Gallery is a central location within each course that users can search, or view media assigned to the course. Only users enrolled in that course will be able to view the media assigned to the

Enabling Media Gallery in Canvas

Media Gallery is a tool that allows you access your MyMedia videos directly from within Canvas and create playlists tailored to your course. To use Media Gallery in your course, it must first be

Creating Playlist in Media Gallery

by the gallery's manager. Note that only the course moderator/instructor can create a playlist in Media Gallery. To create the Playlist, go to the edit Media Gallery page and click on the

Media Gallery Moderation: Student Uploads

of the pending media. To approve or reject the submission, click on the approve or reject button respectively. (Note: approving the media automatically publishes it to the course media gallery

How to Configure Course Media Gallery?

Only Course’s Managers or Instructors have the option to edit and configure the course media gallery. A courses’ manager will be able to see the edit icon on the top left right of the media gallery

How to use Course Media Gallery?

Media can be added by managers, instructors or students with an option to moderate students’ contributions (click here to learn how to configure Course Media Gallery.)  To search for specific

MyMedia - Remove media from media gallery

Under the media tab, click on the (...) more icon on the lower right of the media item.    Select Remove from channel. Note that the media will be deleted from the Media Gallery as well as

How to upload Media directly to Media Gallery?

If the course managers/instructors allow students/users to contribute media to the media Gallery, Students can see the Add Media button. To add media, click on +Add Media button.   You will be

Updating Media Gallery Video settings and features

To edit the video after being published:  Hover over the course in the media gallery page.  Click on the three dots at the bottom.     Then the pencil icon. This will allow

How to Publish videos from MyMedia on Media Gallery?

For videos to appear in Media Gallery the course coordinator must publish the videos from their MyMedia. To do so go to Media Gallery in the navigation tool in your course.  It will show the media

How to Add/Share Media Gallery Playlist to Canvas pages

To Add or Share playlist in any canvas pages like modules, pages, assignment etc, you must first create a playlist in media gallery. Click here to learn on How to create playlist in media gallery

MyMedia - Adding Users to a Channel

Note: Canvas has a built-in MyMedia integration called Media Gallery that acts as a channel within your course. We recommend using Media Gallery when possible. Learn more about Media Gallery. To

MyMedia – Channels

Note: Canvas has a built-in MyMedia integration called Media Gallery that acts as a channel within your course. We recommend using Media Gallery when possible. Learn more about Media Gallery

MyMedia - Publicly Shared Playlist

Note: Playlist should only be shared with external users. For sharing playlists with a class, the Media Gallery Canvas integration is recommended.  Playlists are a series of videos that will play

MyMedia Avoiding Media Deletion

. Navigate to the MyMedia Homepage: After logging into MyMedia, click on My Media In Search My Media, type or paste the title of the video you are searching for: Once the title is