Enabling Security on Android

Note: because some models of Android phones use different versions and/or layouts of the OS, these instructions will vary; these instructions were created using stock Android 4.2.2.


To enable a security lock (PIN, Password, or Pattern), you will need to do the following:

  • Open the Settings app, and go to “Security” (under the Personal section)
  • Select the type of screen security you wish to enable (default is “Slide“)
    • You can choose from SlideFace UnlockPatternPIN, or Password 
      • Slide and Face Unlock are the least secure and are thus not recommended
      • If you select “Pattern,” you will be prompted to select a size of pattern before drawing it.
    • Once you select your method of security, enter the PIN/Password or draw your pattern and hit “Next”
      • You will be asked to confirm the new pattern or PIN/Password before saving.

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