Exporting a Respondus quiz to Canvas

  1. When you are ready to export your quiz to Canvas, click the Preview & Publish tab in Respondus
  2. Click Publish to Canvas on the left navigation pane, then click Publish Wizard
  3. Click the Canvas Server drop down menu
  4. Click add new server then press next
  5. Enter a name for the server such as ‘OU Canvas’
  6. Next, you need to enter your OU credential information for the Username and Password
  7. Click save my User Name and Password check box, then click next
  8. If you see a security warning, click no
  9. You should see a login video for Canvas, click Login
  10. If you see any more error messages, click Yes.
  11. Enter your username information and click Sign in
  12. Click authorize to authorize the quiz builder to canvas
  13. Finally click next then click finish
  14. You have successfully added the server settings for canvas. Click Next to continue
  15. If you are publishing a non-randomized created quiz, select Graded Quiz in the window that appears. If you are publishing a question bank for a randomized quiz, select Question Bank
  16. Enter a name for a quiz on canvas
  17. If you made changes to quiz settings on canvas, select the Apply Settings check box
  18. Click next
  19. Select the course you would like to import the Quiz or Question Bank into and click next
  20. The quiz will automatically be sent to the course you selected. When the publishing process is completed, click finish and close Respondus
  21. Double check in Canvas to see if all your settings and questions have successfully transferred from Respondus to Canvas. Click edit to check if each question has transferred.

If you would like to watch a video tutorial click this link: https://mymedia.ou.edu/media/0_zkjfhyae

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