Accessing Lockdown Browser to Take a Quiz

Install Respondus LockDown Browser:

To install Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB) on your computer while a student at The University of Oklahoma (all campuses/programs), visit for your Windows or Mac computer.  LDB is used with the learning management system Canvas

You must click the yellow INSTALL NOW button, then follow the install prompts on your computer.  If you have used Respondus LDB at another university, you MUST download the OU-specific software here; previous installations from other institutions will not work.  If you downloaded LDB from the company website, uninstall it and use the link above for LDB to work at OU. 

NOTE: Because all three campuses have a combined Respondus license, under the Install section, you will see the following install notice in the third box: Install LockDown Browser for the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center.  Do not worry; you are in the right place if you are a University of Oklahoma student on any campus!

Taking an exam in Respondus Lockdown Browser

Canvas has two exam engines that can decide HOW you take a quiz: Canvas Classic Quizzes and Canvas New Quizzes.  To determine which one you're taking, please reference the graphic below and pay attention to the rockets!

A picture of the icons for Canvas Quizzes. The Canvas Classic Quiz icon is a white rocket with a green outline. The Canvas New Quiz icon is a solid green rocket.

  1. For Canvas Classic Quizzes (white rocket with green outline):
    1. First, Launch the Respondus Lockdown Browser. You will be asked to "Choose a Server" and pick University of Oklahoma - Canvas. Then you will see this article. Scroll down and click the Canvas link  You will then log into Canvas within Respondus Lockdown Browser and navigate to the course and exam.
  2. For Canvas New Quizzes (solid green rocket):
    1. First, navigate to, log in, go to the course, then the exam in your regular browser, and it should launch Lockdown Browser automatically.

Respondus Technical Support:

Please note that while OU IT can provide general support regarding setting up the Respondus LockDown Browser, questions beyond the initial technical setup of the Respondus LDB should be handled directly by Respondus Support.

  1. Respondus Support is available here:
  2. A support ticket to Respondus can be submitted here.
  3. Respondus Email Support is available through

For more information about Respondus, please visit this article.

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