MyMedia FAQ & Known Issues


  • Who can use MyMedia?
    • All University of Oklahoma users (Norman, Tulsa, HSC) can login to view, create, and share content in MyMedia.
  • Why do I see a higher quality video by default than another person located in a different location on campus?
    • MyMedia utilizes auto sensing to determine the player and streaming type. Not all connections on the same network (on or off campus) will receive the same auto-selected bandwidth.
  • Why does my video appear pixelated or audio out of sync when I select a higher quality?
    • Manual selection of the highest bit rate, when the bandwidth connection is not supported, can cause choppy or pixilated playback. In addition, video and audio may become out of sync
  • Why can’t I access my lecture capture recording from MyMedia?
    • The recorded media may be tied to an incorrect OUNet ID.
    • The recorded media may not be done uploading and processing or failed to finish.
    • Please fill out our support form if you are encountering this issue.

The following are current known issues with MyMedia.

  • The MyMedia player on the portal may not allow playback or function correctly if 3rd party cookies are disabled.
  • Some users may receive a ‘video exceeds size limitation’ error when manually uploading content into MyMedia. This is a known issue and is often resolved by attempting again to upload the content.


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