MyMedia – Viewing Analytics

There are a number of features available to all authenticated users, providing statistics about the media you upload on an individual basis.

  • Log in at with your OUNetID and password.
  • Click on the tab with your name (or log in) and then My Media on the top menu.
  • Choose which video you would like information about. Click on its title.
  • Underneath the lower-right-hand corner of the video, under the Actions drop-down menu; select Analytics.
  • This will bring you to the General Metrics Dashboard, which contains information on page views, number of times your video has been played, average view times, likes and comments.
  • It also has information about the engaged users, as well as the channel and category your video is in, all exportable to .csv (Comma Separated File) or a simple printable HTML version.
  • MyMedia also allows you to filter results from as recent as the past week to as long as the entire year, or a custom set of dates of your choosing. This option is located in the top-right-hand corner of the dashboard.


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