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The OU IT Alerts page - - is the Service Status site for the University of Oklahoma. Users may subscribe to receive Email or SMS/Text alerts for notifications posted regarding scheduled or unscheduled service disruptions. Notifications may be customized to user preference.

To Subscribe:

  1. Navigate to and choose Subscribe

Picture of homepage

  1. Select the subscription method for receiving alert notifications - Email or Phone (SMS/Text). Note: Users must be team admins to subscribe via Slack or Teams.

Subscription options menu

  • Email option: Enter an email address; Accept the terms & services; Choose Next

Enter an email address field

  • Customize notifications:
    • Choose All services to receive notifications for all alerts. Check the box if you wish to receive only the minimum (first & last) notifications for all services. Save.

Customize notification options menu

  • Choose Selected services to select notifications for specific services or aggregate by groups of services. Make selections. Check the box if you wish to receive only the minimum (first & last) notifications. Save.

Select services notification menu

  • Subscription successfully saved notification will display.

Successful set up message

  • You will also receive an email confirmation of your subscription at the email address subscribed.

Subscription confirmation screen text


  • Phone option: Enter a phone number (NOTE: SMS alerts to international numbers is not available); Accept the terms & services; Choose Next.

Enter phone number fields

  • Customize notifications:
    • Follow the instructions above for Email option to customize notifications.
    • You will receive an SMS/Text message confirming your subscription.

Screenshot of subscription phone text message



To Unsubscribe or Edit Subscription:

  • Email Unsubscribe/Edit: Click on the appropriate link at the bottom of any email notification, including your subscription confirmation email.

Unsubscribe option text

  • Unsubscribe
    • From the Unsubscribe methods page choose Email or Remove all Subscriptions to unsubscribe.

Unsubscribe options buttons

  • Subscription successfully removed confirmation notice will appear.

Subscription successfully remove text

  • Edit Subscription
    • From the Edit Subscriptions page choose Email to edit your subscription preferences and choose selected services or groups of services for notifications. You may also unsubscribe from the Edit Subscriptions page.

Edit subscription button


  • Phone Unsubscribe/Edit by either of these methods:
    • Reply to any update with any of the following: STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END or QUIT.
    • Or click on the link in your subscription confirmation text message.

Unsubscribe text message example


  • From the Select your subscription method page, choose Phone to edit your subscription preferences or choose Remove all subscriptions to unsubscribe.

Edit subscription buttons

  • Your subscription was successfully removed message will appear.

Subscription remove example message


For Further Assistance:

If you need further assistance with your subscription to the OU IT Alerts Page, visit Please include the email address and/or phone number with which you need assistance in your request.


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