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Qualtrics can also be contacted directly, if desired. To access the Qualtrics support page: 

  1. Log into your OU Qualtrics account at survey.ou.edu. 

  1. Click the question mark icon in the upper right corner.  

                                    Screenshot of the help button. 

  1. Select Contact Support. 

  1. A login screen will appear. Do not log in on this page. Instead, click on Sign in with SSO. 

         Screenshot of the login screen. 

  1. It will ask for an Organization ID. Enter ousurvey into the field. Once the Organization ID is submitted, it may let you in or you may need to enter your OU Credentials.

  1. A number of support options will appear. Choose I have a different support request. 

       Screenshot of the support request page. 

  1. A drop-down menu will appear. Select Survey Platform. 

      Screenshot of the support request dropdown menu. 

  1. You can now choose how you would like to contact Qualtrics. Chat works well for quick responses to short questions, while email works better for more complex questions and troubleshooting. 

       Screenshot of the support request communication options. 

Other Resources


Qualtrics has many online support articles at https://www.qualtrics.com/support/ 

Any upcoming Qualtrics trainings offered through OU will be posted on the OU IT calendarTo request training for your department, contact OU IT.  


Known Issues:

Qualtrics Ending Support for Internet Explorer

Qualtrics will be blocked on Internet Explorer on or after June 15th, 2022. The website may redirect to use Microsoft Edge. View supported browsers for Qualtrics.

Combining data from other survey tools into Qualtrics 

Email triggers 

Qualtrics no longer offers support for email triggers. We recommend using Workflows instead of email triggers on new survey projects. For existing projects, a malfunctioning email trigger can be replaced with an Email task in Workflows.

Disabled accounts 

Please call OU IT at 405-325-HELP (4357) or submit a request.

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