Adobe Walkthrough (Adobe Application)

Beginning at the launch of any Adobe Application

Step 1
After logging into the computer and launching an Adobe Application (Photoshop, Light room, InDesign, Etc.), you will receive a pop-up to login to your Adobe account. Enter your OU email. A password is not yet necessary. After entering your email, you will be redirected to another screen.*

*If you entered an OU email that is associated with another Adobe Creative Cloud account, you will be asked if you want to login with your personal account, or an Enterprise ID, choose Enterprise ID.

Step 2
Login with your OUNetID (4×4). This is the same login you would use for Canvas, your OU email, or any other OU account.

Step 4
After logging in with your OUNetID (4×4), you will be able to continue using the Adobe Application that you opened.

Step 5
Open the start menu and navigate the Adobe Application to launch your desired program


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