IT Asset Disposal - ITAD

Endpoint Lifecycle Management will work with Mission Support and OU-IT to enable expedient solutions in the recycling and economic disposal of retired IT equipment. This service is available to all OU Staff but is recommended to be used by OU IT members. If you are not a part of OU IT, please consult with your Mission Support person when considering this service. 

Instructions & Important Tips:

  1. Download the  “ITAD Template” file on this page, in the attachments section on the right. 
  2. Complete each field with as much information as possible.  This spreadsheet is mandatory in order to schedule your pickup.
  3. Save the completed ITAD form with the current date in the name. “ITAD mm/dd/yyyy
  4. Click the Request Service button.
  5. The “Requestor” on each service request should be the person who can answer questions about the equipment.
  6. Provide the phone number you wish to be contacted on to schedule the pickup.
  7. Fill out all the fields and attach your completed ITAD form from step 2.
  8. Additional Information field: Any information specific to this pickup; i.e. Best place to park, additional contacts, alternate pickup date/times, etc.
  9. Submit the request.
  10. Reply to the follow-up email with a photo of the equipment.

Once the ITAD form and a photo are on the ticket someone from Lifecycle Management will reach out to schedule your pickup.Guidelines

OU-ITAD accepts the following device types:

  1. Data bearing devices – This category includes computers, tablets, cell phones etc.
    Note:  These devices must be kept in a secure location at all times.
  2. Computer displays – This category includes flat panel (desktop or large format) or older CRT displays. 
  3. Hard Drives Put these in a separate box labeled as “Loose Hard Drives” and include “Box of Hard Drives” as a line item on the Excel template provided.
  4. Printers – This includes fax machines and scanners.
  5. Keyboards/Mice/Accessories – Put these items in a separate box and include “Box of Accessories” as a line item on the Excel template provided.  Please do NOT combine items containing data with items that do not contain data.
  6. Credit Card Machines
  7. Networking Gear – Switches, hubs, and appliances etc.

OU IT will NOT accept:

  1. Items that may be considered technology items but are not included in any category above (i.e. projectors, toners, cables etc.)
  2. Hazardous Waste – This would include but not limited to UPS batteries, projector bulbs and old toners.  To dispose hazardous waste see the EHSO link here (valid for Norman and OKC)
  3. Medical Devices
  4. Items containing Liquid in any form
  5. Desk Phones
  6. Typewriters


What next? 

Retiring Assets - Assets should have their status updated in TDX to “retired” by Mission Support / IT before being picked up for disposal. Assets not present in TDX should be created by Mission Support / IT before disposing.

Tagged Items - All Assets purchased by the University $5,000 and over must be tagged and added to the department inventory and is reported to the State. It is your department’s responsibility to report disposal of these items to Property Control. More information here: NORMAN  -  HEALTH SCIENCE

If you need to dispose of any the items IT will not accept, you need to engage Property Surplus.  There are different processes for this depending upon your campus:

  1. Norman - Complete a “Property Control Declaration for Property” form here.
  2. OKC – Have your PS Requestor submit an SUR via Peoplesoft to Moving Services.
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