Password Managers


A Password Manager, sometimes referred to as a Password Vault, is a digital tool that stores passwords more securely than a browser and helps create complex passwords.

Aside from protecting your passwords, they also simplify the process of signing into your OU programs by securely auto-filling your information and synchronizing password updates across your devices.

Browsers vs. Password Manager

While browsers offer convenient password storage and auto-fill, browsers were not created for Password Management. Browsers lack the encryption level and the full security architecture built into a Password Manager.

Most Password Managers have the ability to synchronize across all browsers, devices, and operating systems, i.e. Windows to iPhone to Linux. A few more benefits for Password Mangers is the additional features such as data breach alerts, one master password, and multi-factor authentication.

Choosing a Password Manager

OU does not supply staff, faculty, or students with a predetermined password manager; however, a few trusted options that our IT department recommends are LastPass, Onepass, Nordpass, and Keeper.

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